Waterford TD apologises for not saying he's a landlord

A Waterford TD has apologised for not stating that he was a landlord on official Oireachtas documents.

A report by the last week found that Independent Deputy, Matt Shanahan was among eight TDs who listed rental properties but did not specify that they were landlords.

Deputy Shanahan says the Statement of Registerable Interest was filled out by his office and he should have looked at it in more detail before signing it.

Speaking on DΓ©ise Today, he says it was just a mistake.


Matt says the property had been listed twice on the form under the 'land' section, but under profession he did not put down landlord.

"I wouldn't have thought to put down any other trade but obviously that's what I should have done," he said.

Matt says he considers himself to be a full time politician and that's why that's the only profession he put down.

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