Waterford woman and her son feel "abandoned" by council

A woman living in Waterford City says she feels hopeless and abandoned as she's waiting on the Council to move her and her 6-year-old son, who has intellectual and sensory issues, to more suitable accomodation.

They're currently living in a two bed apartment on O'Connell Street but Megan McCann says there's anti social problems with drug use in the building and noise disruption which is affecting her son who also has autism.

Megan says they've been approved for a Medical 2 Priority transfer by Waterford Council but have not been given any information as to when they may be moved to more suitable accommodation.

She told Déise Today earlier that some local councillors have also let her down.


A number of them with a platform expressed via social media that they would like to help Megan, which made her think progress was being made.

"I was so excited to see that there was people willing to help me and then unfortunately, when it came to getting in touch with these people, they just kind of didn't respond. They didn't pick up my phone calls, they didn't answer any messages," she said.

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