Waterford woman to feature on RTÉ 1 health series

Waterford woman to feature on RTÉ 1 health series

A Waterford woman will feature on the first episode of a new RTÉ 1 TV series tonight.

Carrie Roberts is taking part in the new health programme "How Long Will You Live?" which starts at at 8.30pm.

She said she saw an advertisement stating that they were looking for participants in a newspaper.

Each week the programme takes on the challenge of helping unhealthy volunteers change their habits, their attitudes and their way of life, in the hope of living longer.


Carrie told Damien on Déise Today that it came at a time when she was re-evaluating her life.

She said that cancer runs in her family so it was always a fear that she would pass away at an early age.

"I needed that kick in the butt to get started again and to get me motivated," she told Damien.

The series will be hosted by Dr. Phil Kieran. Participants on the show will be there because of some form of health concern they have.


Some may be worried about a critical illness, like Carrie, while others may be concerned about their eating habits or weight, a smoker or individual who knows they’re drinking too much, or someone who wants to find healthy ways to cope with stress and anxiety.

Each person taking part will be subject to a health and fitness assessment to find out how healthy they really are.

There will be six episodes on the show, with each one following a different volunteer's attempts at a healthier lifestyle.

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