Waterford's public transport gets the thumbs up from young accessibility campaigner

A young wheelchair user says Waterford is in his top three places in terms of accessible transport.

16-year-old James Casserly, who has cerebral palsy, started Jimbo's Accessible Adventures earlier this year.

He's on a mission to shine a light on wheelchair accessibility in all 32 counties.

Yesterday saw him visit Waterford City and speaking to WLR, James explained why he set off on his journey:


"Basically, around Easter time, I was trying to look up 'accessible public transport in Ireland' and there was nothing.

"There was no research, there was nothing about it.

"So, I'm travelling all 32 counties by public transport and Waterford is really accessible so far, compared to Cork.

"It's up in my top 3."


On his travels locally yesterday, James held a meeting with a representative of Bus Éireann in Waterford to discuss his journey to date and how he feels their service might be improved in terms of accessibility.

He says it was a positive interaction:

"It's all positive, no matter what. Even if it's a constructive comment, it's meant to be positive for the future.

"But Waterford's bus route is definitely accessible."

If you want to keep up to date with James's travels, you'll find him on social media under the name 'Jimbo's Accessible Adventures.'


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