'Workforce readjustment' at West Pharmaceutical in Waterford

A Waterford pharmaceutical company is reportedly seeking redundancies from a small number of their workers locally.

West Pharmaceutical Products says that re-adjusting the workforce has had an impact on a number of positions.

At the end of November last year, the company confirmed to WLR News that they would be removing weekend working and decreasing their production.

They said that they had added labour to meet the demand for the Covid-19 vaccination programme during the pandemic and had moved to 24-7 production schedules.


However, since the pandemic ended, there has been a change in demand for Covid-19 components produced at their Waterford facillity.

Many of these staffing changes were due to come into effect on the 1st of January.

WLR News now understands that a number of further redundancies have been sought by West Pharma locally.

In response to queries, the company says that their post-pandemic changes are continuing to have an impact on a number of positions.


They say they are continuing to provide all required job placement support and additional support as needed.

Waterford is still West’s newest and most advanced facility in its global manufacturing network.

The Waterford team produces packaging components for insulin injector cartridges and other high-value packaging components for pharmaceutical and biotech customers.

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