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Aisling Marron discusses bringing babies abroad

Aisling Marron discusses bringing babies abroad Aisling Marron discusses bringing babies abroad
Jayde Maher

Aisling Marron, a columnist for The Irish Times, joined Damien this morning to discuss her recent piece about bringing small kids abroad.

The article was a part of The Irish Times Summer of Family series. In it, Aisling states, "holidays are a toddler's dream."

She has two kids, aged one and three, and is just back from a week-long getaway in Waterford, but says she finds planes easier than car journeys.

At small ages, they sleep a lot and don't require too much but in cars, it is a bit more difficult, she believes.


When traveling by plane, Aisling finds that although people are apprehensive about how a baby will behave on a plane, they are also quick to help out. She says Grannies and airline staff are especially good for offering to hold the baby,

Aisling touches on the benefits of going abroad throughout their chat, saying it is more socially acceptable to have a glass of wine with your lunch.

Other benefits include swimming pools, ice cream for lunch, and having more time for your kids.

It is also important to get away from the Irish media, have a change of scenery, and have a mental break from doing laundry.


She does understand people's concerns about going abroad with babies but feels the pros far outweigh the cons. Some of the most common concerns are the fact that you still have to do the same tasks such as nappy changing,  living in a house that isn't babyproof, and being unsure of how to use the washing machine.

Aisling shares some of her travel stories, one of which involves her trying to sneak her baby into the baby club for kids over three. Aisling's baby was almost three at the time.

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