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Deise Today special on 9/11...20 years on

Deise Today special on 9/11...20 years on Deise Today special on 9/11...20 years on
Jennifer Long

On this morning's (Friday's) Deise Today, the show looked back on the fateful events of September 11, 2001, the deadliest terrorist attack in world history when nearly 3,000 people perished, some 2,750 in New York city alone.

Twenty years on, Damien spoke to a number of people with Waterford connections who have links to the terrible events that unfolded.

NYPD officer Ryan Doherty, whose parents are from East Waterford, joined us on the show. He was involved in the rescue effort that day and unfortunately - like many first responders - he has developed serious health problems in recent years as a result of his involvement in the search, rescue and recovery operations in the aftermath. He spoke on the programme about his memories and experiences 20 years on.

Then-students Jennifer O'Mara and Breifne Buckley were in Manhattan on a J1 visa when the 9/11 atrocities unfolded. At lunchtime on September 9, the two Waterford girls were on top of the World Trade Centre having paid a visit that day. They posed for a photo on the roof, with no idea - clearly - of the horrors that would be visited at that site less than two days later.


Also, Sean Egan spoke to Damien this morning. A former Master Engraver with Waterford Crystal (and since with his own business, Sean Egan Art Glass), his connection with 9/11 started when he ended up engraving the iconic image of Fr Mychal Judge, New York City Fire Department Chaplain, being carried out of the rubble of the World Trade Centre. It led further connections with that awful moment in history, which he explained to Damien this morning...