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Listen back: Men who fear 'end of year cheer'

Listen back: Men who fear 'end of year cheer' Listen back: Men who fear 'end of year cheer'
Jennifer Long

Christmas can mean different things to people - and for many, 'tis the season to be edgy rather than jolly. Of bad moods, not good tidings.

For this reason, the Waterford-based freephone 'Male Advice Line' for men who experience domestic abuse and violence will remain open every day - except December 25 - this year.

Supervisor of MAL Derek Smith joined Damien Tiernan in studio for 'Deise Today' this week (Thursday) to talk about how the festive period can cause considerable stress and tension.

"Christmas can elevate negative situations to crisis point," he said.


"Relationships that are already stressed can come apart at the seams when factors such as financial expectation, too much alcohol and the continuing uncertainties caused by Covid enter the equation."

The line, which is run by the Men's Development Network, is staffed by six fully-qualified counsellors and psychotherapists who are trained to offer emotional support and practical advice to men, or else friends or family who call with concerns about a loved one.

The number to call is 1800 816 588 or people can email, if they prefer, to [email protected]