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LISTEN: Tramore ICA back up and running

LISTEN: Tramore ICA back up and running LISTEN: Tramore ICA back up and running
Aoife Kearns

The Tramore Guild of the Irish Countrywomen's Association (ICA) held their first meeting in 18 months last Wednesday night (October 13th) and are going strong now for over 75 years.

The guild hold their meetings at Tramore house  as well as a number of craft mornings where crochet and cups of tea are guaranteed.

Speaking to WLR News reporter Aoife Kearns, Marie Grubb who is the Tramore Guild's longest-serving member explained how she got started.

"A neighbour brought me when I was very young and just married and I came along to a craft class.


"I had my first child with me in the pram at those meetings - and I'm here since," Marie said.

Artwork created by Dorothy Pearson

Waterford Federation President Noeline Power said she's delighted to be finally able to meet the guild members once again but they tried their best to keep in touch throughout the lockdown.


"We did a lot of crafts at home like hats for the premature babies - we are a great charity I have to say"

"The best thing about the ICA is that we're always there for one another at the other end of the phone - if somebody rings and says I need something done everyone is willing to drop what they're doing and go along and help," Noeline said.

If you are interested in joining Tramore ICA, or an ICA guild you can contact the Waterford Federation by following the link here.