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Regina Mangan on the renting crisis and evictions

Regina Mangan on the renting crisis and evictions Regina Mangan on the renting crisis and evictions
Jayde Maher

Regina Mangan of Liberty Blue Estate Agents joined Damien this morning to discuss recent figures on evictions that happened in the first half of the year.

The Residential Tenancies Board has reported a 58% increase in the number of eviction notices issued in the first six months of 2022.

Almost 3,000 notices to were sent between January and the end of June with the main reason being that landlords wanted to sell their property.

The constant change and lack of security are making the situation worse for those in the rental market.


Regina believes the government is making mediocre efforts to tackle the problem.

She says they are eating up supplies for HAP tenants which is making it extremely difficult for people such as doctors, students, and nurses to find rental properties. They also have not built social housing in many years.

As well as this, some landlords are paying up to 60% in tax while those who rent their properties from abroad pay just 20%. There are then funds that "drive rent through the roof" and pay very little tax, according to Regina.

Tax is not the only place that inconsistencies lie in the rental market. Some neighbors have very different rent prices.


This is because of rent pressure zones and a tenant's relationship with the landlord.

The two spoke about rent pressure zones and why people are leaving the market. Regina also shared what she would do differently if she was made Minister for Housing tomorrow.

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