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Stephen McCarthy on cyclists speeding on the Greenway

Stephen McCarthy on cyclists speeding on the Greenway Stephen McCarthy on cyclists speeding on the Greenway
Jayde Maher

Stephen McCarthy of Steps Back Thru Time Walking Tours joined Damien to discuss cyclists speeding on the Greenway.

Stephen is based in Kilmacthomas and realised during the pandemic that there is so much to see that nobody knows about. Because of the 5km radius rule, he was forced to explore his area and came up with the idea of a walking tour.

He says that on the Greenway, people see the gorgeous views but they do not know any of the stories relating to them.

During his tours, you will stop at 10 different locations and find out all about the heritage and structures at each. Last week, Waterford woman, Eanna N Lamhna, joined him on tour and she covered all things wildlife.


Stephen has extensive experience in guided tours. He used to do the ghost tours in Kilkenny and the Waterford Museum of Treasure tours.

The problem

Stephen has been noticing more 'racer cyclists' as he calls them, on the Greenway. They are cycling way too fast and have no bells on their bikes.

He believes it is unsafe to be traveling at such high speeds and that cycling clubs across Ireland should provide members with bells for their bikes.

There are red gates along the Greenway where people are meant to stop and check left and right, but Stephen has witnessed 'racer cyclists' hoping for the best and just speeding through them without looking.


The conversation is not an anti-cyclist one, it is about the fact that the Greenway is not being used as it is meant to be.

The Greenway should be used for leisure and not for racing, so says Stephen.

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