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Waterford's Issac in top movie Disney's 'Disenchanted'!

Waterford's Issac in top movie Disney's 'Disenchanted'! Waterford's Issac in top movie Disney's 'Disenchanted'!
Jennifer Long

It's not everyday there is a Waterford connection to a big Disney movie!

But one young Waterford man has enjoyed the fantastic experience of being part of one of Disney's biggest movies of this year,  'Disenchanted', which has recently been made available for streaming on Disney Plus!

Issac Gunnip has a part in the movie which was part-filmed in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, last year and stars leading Hollywood actors Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams.

It's the sequel to the hugely popular 'Enchanted', the 2007 American musical fantasy romantic comedy which is the story of a archetypal Disney princess who is exiled from her animated world into the live-action world of New York City.


In the sequel, the princess character Giselle (played by Adams) and her family are disillusioned by life in the city and chose to re-locate to to the sleepy suburb of 'Monroeville' (Enniskerry) to enjoy a more fairytale life!

On this morning's (Tuesday's) 'Deise Today', Damien was joined by Issac and his step-dad George, in studio, for a chat about Issac's part in the 'Disenchanted' movie.

Issac said it was a brilliant and enjoyable experience and spoke about chatting with Patrick Dempsey, behind the scenes, and having his own dressing room trailer to hang out in!

You can listen back to the chat by clicking on the image above.