Episode 3 - Self Made

Episode 3 - Self Made Episode 3 - Self Made

Entwined is a series of interviews with LGBTQIA+ people about their lived experience, with the aim to show the vastness of community.

Presented by Cúan Cusack and produced by Wayne Brown, the series archives and shares the experiences of queer people, whose histories and experiences are often not recorded.

The podcast is released daily on the run up to Pride and is sponsored by Relatecare. There are 11 episodes and the topics include parenting, sport and trans healthcare.

Episode 3 - Self Made

In this episode, Cúan chats to Cam Lyttle.


They explore topics such as trans health care and self-medication, community work, and Pride of the Déise.

You can listen to Self Made through the link in this podcast.

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