Listen back to 'Chaplin The Musical' on Showtime

Listen back to 'Chaplin The Musical' on Showtime Listen back to 'Chaplin The Musical' on Showtime
Wayne Brown

Listen back to 'Chaplin The Musical' on Showtime.

Listen back to 'Chaplin The Musical' on Showtime. Derek Shannon, director of New Ross Musical Society tells us all about it.

The  musical, "Chaplin", is a tribute to the life of Charlie Chaplin, the legendary film actor, writer, producer, and director. The musical showcases his entire career, starting with his first performance as a child in London during the 19th century. It ends with his emotional acceptance of an honorary Academy Award in 1972.

The show depicts Chaplin's rise to fame and the significant figures who influenced his life, including his mother, Hannah, his older brother, Sydney, his fourth wife, Oona O'Neill, and the infamous gossip columnist, Hedda Hopper. The musical also dramatizes the making of Chaplin's most celebrated films, such as The Kid, The Circus, Modern Times, and The Great Dictator, as well as his turbulent childhood, frenzied love life, and political beliefs.

Christopher Curtis composed an original score for Chaplin, featuring songs like 'Look at All the People,' 'Just Another Day in Hollywood,' and 'This Man.' The musical tells the heartwarming story of the man who made the world laugh as his famous screen character, the Tramp, but struggled to find happiness in his personal life.


Chaplin is an excellent show for anyone who admires Charlie Chaplin's contribution to the film industry and enjoys the art of musical theatre. With its captivating storyline and exceptional music, the musical is a must-see production for anyone seeking entertainment and inspiration.

Chaplin runs March 7th to 11th in St. Michaels Theatre New Ross. It has a big Waterford interest. Jennifer White, Lynsey Penkert, Conor Lyons and Alex Kavanagh are all part of the front line. These will be familiar names and faces to Waterford Theatre Goers.

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