Listen Back to Pat McEvoy on Showtime.

Listen Back to Pat McEvoy on Showtime. Listen Back to Pat McEvoy on Showtime.
Wayne Brown

Listen Back To Pat McEvoy on Showtime

Listen back to Pat McEvoy on Showtime. Pat is the local theatre critic for the Waterford News And Star. Pat called in on Sunday last (February 5th).  He told us how his career in the News & Star started. Pat shared the origin of the Green Room Awards as well.

A star studded award ceremony will happen in late February in the Theatre Royal, Waterford. On the night a Bursary will be awarded to somebody with an arts project they need to get off the ground. Pat goes through the thoughts behind that as well.

The highlight of the night is the 'Lifetime Achievement award' and Pat shares the criteria and thoughts behind that particular presentation. Some will remember Des Manahan receiving the first award in 2020. Eric Sweeney was the winner posthumously in 2022.

Pat is keeping the exact contents of the awards ceremony a secret. He does however share that Jack Cunningham productions will open proceedings with an energetic extract from Anything Goes.


All in all Pat sees over one hundred arts events each year. He also explains how he whittles them down to the awards shortlist.

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