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Listen: Woodstown Beach a 'sea of green'

Listen: Woodstown Beach a 'sea of green' Listen: Woodstown Beach a 'sea of green'
Jayde Maher

WLR News Editor, MaryAnn Vaughan, visited Woodstown beach with Cllr Pat FitzGerald to take a look at the algae that is covering the strand.

An unusual amount of algae has been building up on the beach because of ecological damage caused by human activity.

The beach is destroyed in a "sea of green" and Cllr FitzGerald is unsure how to deal with it.

The algae has the appearance of boiled cabbage and creates an unpleasant smell.


Despite this, the the water is still safe to swim in if you can make your way to it.

"This is a natural amenity for locals and tourists alike that is being absolutely destroyed," Pat said.

The growth is being caused by nitrates in the sea and the hot weather that we have been experiencing.

Dealing with it

Pat explains that some algae is expected as it generally appears around this time every year, but it is usually manageable.


In previous years, the council dealt with the algae but this year there is too much and they have nowhere to put it.

Pat is feeling demoralised because of the situation and suspects that tourists or people who grew up there and are returning to visit feel the same.

Eventually, the algae will naturally break down itself, but this could take months.

The algae will continue to grow into August and potentially even September before it starts to decompose.

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