QUIZ: How well do you know these famous rabbits?

This Sunday marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year, which sees 2023 as the Year of the Rabbit.

In Chinese culture, rabbits are often feminised because of the Jade Rabbit that lives with the moon goddess.

The Jade or Moon Rabbit symbolises selflessness, piety, and sacrifice.

According to Chinese culture, men born in the Rabbit year tend to be polite and do whatever they can to avoid conflicts.


They have control over themselves and are sometimes conservative.

Women born in the Rabbit year allegedly love being social. They are thoughtful and treat everyone politely. They are very conscious of their public image and hate violence and arguments.

In love, they are very extreme. There’s a clear difference between who they love and who they don’t and they rarely blur that line.

Because of this, we have put together a quiz of some of the most famous rabbits! Test your knowledge on (some of) these furry friends.