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Listen back: Eamon McEneaney discusses the vikings in his "Waterford Treasures" slot

A Viking Sword from the 9th century, housed in Waterford Museum of Treasures

In this new slot on The Big Breakfast Blaa, Director of the Waterford Museum of Treasures Eamonn will join us to explore our rich history in The Deise. There are a host of amazing artefacts housed at the Medieval Museum and The Bishop's Palace. Over the next few weeks, Eamonn will tell us stories behind the treasures.

This morning he discussed the origin of a Viking Sword from around 860AD (pictured above,) and gave a general overview of how the Vikings arrived here, and how they lived.

You can find out more here about the Waterford Museum of Treasures, and below is our fascinating chat with Eamonn on The Big Breakfast Blaa about the sword, considered "The Ultimate Viking Weapon."