Time for Twitter Thursday.

Sean Defoe joined Ollie on "The Spin Home" for another look at the happenings of the week through the lens of "Twitter Thursday". Among the topics up for discussion was Time Magazine's move to pronounce Elon Musk as it's "Man of the Year"2021.No stranger to twitter Elon thinks out loud on twitter an example of which “Just dropping some friends off at the pool,” the 50-year-old zillionaire informed his 66 million Twitter followers on the evening of Nov. 29, having previously advised that at least half his tweets were “made on a porcelain throne.” After an interval—21 minutes, if you must know—an update: “Splish splash.”

Also New Zealand officials announced a unique, comprehensive plan last week to effectively end cigarette smoking in their country, tobacco researchers and health policy advocates elsewhere around the world perked up their ears.

In fact, the policy is so sweeping that it could represent what experts refer to as the "endgame" in the fight against tobacco.

The proposal from New Zealand's health officials would effectively ban anyone 14 years or younger from purchasing cigarettes for their entire lifetimes. It would raise the minimum age to buy cigarettes every year beginning in 2023. The new policy is expected to be enacted next year.


Officials say their goal is to decrease the number of New Zealanders who smoke cigarettes to just 5% of the population by 2025.Lots to ponder , have a listen back to the conversation below......

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