Question The Answer on The Big Breakfast Blaa

Question The Answer

Every day on The Big Breakfast Blaa, Vinny and Aoibhin give you the opportunity to win fabulous prizes by simply trying to read their minds on Question The Answer!

Instead of just simply asking you a question and expecting you to come up with the answer, the breakfast crew turn the concept on its head and GIVE you the ANSWER.

All you need to do is to try and guess the question that they are thinking of.

For example, if the answer is GREEN - could the answer be...


What colour is grass?

What is the national colour of Ireland?

What was the surname of Jennifer Aniston's character in Friends?

You get the idea!


No question can be too obscure or obvious. It just has to be right. So why not listen in each day to The Big Breakfast Blaa with Vinny and Aoibhin at 8:10am to play.

Previous Answers To Question The Answer:

Monday June 25th - ANSWER: Park - QUESTION: What kind of 'life' did the band Blur sing about?

Friday June 24th - ANSWER: Pass - QUESTION: What do you call the area of a restaurant where food comes out of the kitchen?

Thursday June 23rd - ANSWER: Gold - QUESTION: What did King Midas turn everything he touched into?

Wednesday June 22nd - ANSWER: Jack - QUESTION: What playing card comes between the 10 and the queen?

Tuesday June 21st - ANSWER: Pride - QUESTION: What do you call a pack of lions?

Monday June 20th - ANSWER: Blue - QUESTION: What colour was the house that Bear lived in?

Friday June 17th - ANSWER: Sesame - QUESTION: What was the name of the street that Big Bird and Elmo lived on?

Thursday June 16th - ANSWER: Press - QUESTION: What is another name for the media?

Wednesday June 15th - ANSWER: Sleeve - QUESTION: What name is given to a protective cover of a record?

Tuesday June 14th - ANSWER: West - QUESTION: In which direction in the sky does the sun set?

Monday June 13th - ANSWER: Receiver - QUESTION: What do you call the listening part of a traditional telephone?

Friday June 10th - ANSWER: Home - QUESTION: Where did E.T. want to phone?

Thursday June 9th - ANSWER: Space - QUESTION: What does the S in NASA stand for?

Wednesday June 8th - ANWER: Pen - QUESTION: What name is given to a female swan?

Tuesday June 7th - ANSWER: Danny - QUESTION: According to the Roald Dahl book, who was 'champion of the world'?

Friday June 3rd - ANSWER: Fire - QUESTION: What group of star signs do Aries, Leo and Sagittarius belong to?

Thursday June 2nd - ANSWER: House - QUESTION: Who was the doctor played by Hugh Laurie in the series of the same name?

Wednesday June 1st - ANSWER: Baby - QUESTION: What name is given to someone's first teeth?

Tuesday May 31st - ANSWER: Clown - QUESTION: What kind of fish is Nemo from Finding Nemo?

Monday May 30th - ANSWER: Sister - QUESTION: What is the title address for a nun?

Friday May 27th - ANSWER: 2000 - QUESTION: In which year did the first Big Brother UK series air?

Thursday May 26th - ANSWER: Horse - QUESTION: What kind of animal is Black Beauty?

Wednesday May 25th - ANSWER: Fifty - QUESTION: How many stars appear on the flag of the USA?

Tuesday May 24th - ANSWER: Cube - QUESTION: What shape is the famous puzzle invented by Erno Rubik?

Monday May May 23rd - ANSWER: Den - QUESTION: Which Eastenders character was married to 'Angie'?

Friday May 20th - ANSWER: ZIP - QUESTION: What postal code is used in the USA?

Thursday May 19th - ANSWER: Duke - QUESTION: What was actor John Wayne's nickname?

Wednesday May 18th - ANSWER: Skin - QUESTION: What forms on milk when heated/boiled?

Tuesday May 17th - ANSWER: Galaxy - QUESTION: Which MLS soccer team is based in LA?

Monday May 16th - ANSWER: Clare - QUESTION: In which county is the Burren?

Friday May 13th - ANSWER: Cheese - QUESTION: What are you told to say before getting your picture taken?

Thursday May 12th - ANSWER: Pop - QUESTION: Complete the saying: ______ goes the weasel.

Wednesday May 11th - ANSWER: Miami - QUESTION: Where was last weekend's F1 Grand Prix held?

Tuesday May 10th - ANSWER: Trigger - QUESTION: What was the name of Roy Rogers' horse?

Monday May 9th - ANSWER: Skip - QUESTION: What can you hire to take away rubbish?

Friday May 6th 2022 - ANSWER: Sleep - QUESTION: What is the name of the 'doctor' in Stephen King's sequel to The Shining?

Thursday May 5th 2022 - ANSWER: Board - QUESTION: What do you stand on when surfing?

Wednesday May 4th 2022 - ANSWER: Sweden - QUESTION: Which country did the Muppet's chef come from?

Tuesday May 3rd 2022 - ANSWER: Bull - QUESTION: What is the first name of the central character in 'The Field'?

Friday April 29th - ANSWER: Pole - QUESTION: What name is given to the most northerly or southern point on Earth?

Thursday April 28th - ANSWER: 24 - QUESTION: In which TV series did Kiefer Sutherland star as Jack Bauer?

Wednesday April 27th - ANSWER: Flush - QUESTION: What do you call a poker hand with five cards from the same suit?

Tuesday April 26th - ANSWER: Spurs - QUESTION: Which NBA basketball team is based in San Antonio?

Monday April 25th - ANSWER: Ken - QUESTION: Which Coronation Street character is played by actor William Roche?

Friday April 22nd - ANSWER: Ray - QUESTION: What is the name of the famous sunglasses made in Waterford  __ Ban?

Thursday April 21st - ANSWER: Bad - QUESTION: What was the name of Michael Jackson's 7th studio solo album?

Wednesday April 20th - ANSWER: Sam - QUESTION: What is the name of the cup that is won by the All Ireland Gaelic Football champions every year?

Tuesday April 19th - ANSWER: Court - QUESTION: What is the name of a quadrangular area used for ball sports, including tennis and basketball?

Friday April 15th - ANSWER: Turkey - QUESTION: A string of three strikes in a row in bowling is known as what?

Thursday April 14th - ANSWER: Ryan - QUESTION: What was the name of the private saved in the movie starring Tom Hanks?

Wednesday April 13th - ANSWER: Queen - QUESTION: What is the largest female bee in a colony called?

Tuesday April 12th - ANSWER: Drive - QUESTION: What is the first shot from a golf tee called?

Monday April 11th - ANSWER: Tail - QUESTION: What does a Manx cat not have?

Friday April 8th - ANSWER: Crown - QUESTION: In the nursery rhyme, what did Jack break when he fell down?

Thursday April 7th - ANSWER: Milk - QUESTION: For which movie did Sean Penn win his second Best Actor Oscar?

Wednesday April 6th - ANSWER: Simon - QUESTION: Who was Garfunkel's partner?

Tuesday April 5th - ANSWER: Heel - QUESTION: Where was Achilles hit by an arrow?

Monday April 4th - ANSWER: Water - QUESTION: What is the most common name for H2O?

Friday April 1st - ANSWER: Hammer - QUESTION: What is the smallest bone in the body?

Thursday March 31st - ANSWER: Black and White - QUESTION: What kind of TV existed before colour TV?

Wednesday March 30th - ANSWER: Train - QUESTION: What kind of vehicle is The Orient Express?

Tuesday March 29th - ANSWER: Bell - QUESTION: What was the surname of the inventor of the telephone?

Monday March 28th - ANSWER: Money - QUESTION: According to the saying, what is the root of all evil?

Friday March 25th - ANSWER: March - QUESTION: In which month does the Spring equinox take place?

Thursday March 24th - ANSWER: Lamb - QUESTION: In the nursery rhyme, what animal did Mary have?

Wednesday March 23rd - ANSWER: Joey - QUESTION: What character did Katie Holmes play on Dawson's Creek?

Tuesday March 22nd - ANSWER: 80 - QUESTION: At what age does someone become an octogenarian?

Monday March 21st - ANSWER: Star - QUESTION: The Sun is the nearest what to Earth?

Friday March 18th - ANSWER: Chicago - QUESTION: Which city is known as the Windy City?

Thursday March 17th - ANSWER: Trunk - QUESTION: What do Americans call the boot of a car?

Wednesday March 16 - ANSWER: Hide - QUESTION: Where does a birdwatcher or hunter watch animals from?

Tuesday March 15th - ANSWER: Snake - QUESTION: What did Medusa have instead of hair?

Monday March 14th - ANSWER: Flute - QUESTION: What instrument does James Galway play?

Friday March 11th - ANSWER: Pea - QUESTION: What shade of green boat did the Owl and the Pussy Cat sail in?

Thursday March 10th - ANSWER: Budgie - QUESTION: What was the name of the 'little helicopter' created by Sarah Ferguson?

Wednesday March 9th - ANSWER: Fry - QUESTION: What name is given to a young fish?

Tuesday March 8th - ANSWER: Hook - QUESTION: What was the name of the pirate Captain in Peter Pan?

Monday March 7th - ANSWER: Line - QUESTION: What did Johnny Cash "walk" in the title of his famous song?

Friday March 4th - ANSWER: Goat - QUESTION: Which animal represents the star sign Capricorn?

Thursday March 3rd - ANSWER: Glass - QUESTION: What was Cinderella's slipper made from?

Wednesday March 2nd: ANSWER: Dog - QUESTION: What animal is said to be man's best friend?

Tuesday March 1st - ANSWER: Aberdeen - QUESTION: What team did Waterford's Jim Goodwin recently take charge of?

Monday February 28th - ANSWER: Anne - QUESTION: Who was the youngest member of the Famous Five?

Friday February 25th - ANSWER: Chips - QUESTION: What is exchanged for money and used in games in a casino?

Thursday February 24th - ANSWER: Lock - QUESTION: What name is given to a player in the second row in rugby?

Wednesday February 23rd - ANSWER: Paul - QUESTION: What was the name of the alien in the 2011 Nick Frost & Simon Pegg comedy movie (of the same name)?

Tuesday February 22nd - ANSWER: One - QUESTOIN: How many wheels are there on a unicycle?

Monday February 21st - ANSWER: 1990 - QUESTION: In which year was Mary Robinson elected President of Ireland?

Friday February 18th - ANSWER: Bear - QUESTION: What kind of animal is Jungle Book character Baloo?

Thursday February 17th - ANSWER: Carrot - QUESTION: Which vegetable is said to help you "see in the dark"?

Wednesday February 16th - ANSWER: Canada - QUESTION: Which country has the longest coastline?

Tuesday February 15th - ANSWER: Thirteen - QUESTION: How many are there in a baker's dozen?

Monday February 14th - ANSWER: Buffalo - QUESTION: Which animal's milk is used to make mozzarella?

Friday February 11th - ANSWER: Elephant - QUESTION: What kind of animal was Dumbo?

Thursday February 10th - ANSWER: Belfast - QUESTION: Where was the Titanic built?

Wednesday February 9th - ANSWER: Lincoln - QUESTION: What is the capital city of Nebraska

Tuesday February 8th - ANSWER: Egg - QUESTION: What is the main ingredient in an omelette?

Monday February 7th - ANSWER: Rihanna - QUESTION: Who founded the fashion label Fenty?

Friday February 4th - ANSWER: Face - QUESTION: What was the name of the character played by Dirk Benedict in The A-Team?

Thursday February 3rd - ANSWER: Albert - QUESTION: What is the name of the square in TV soap Eastenders?

Wednesday February 2nd - ANSWER: Rush - QUESTION: What name is given to the "hour" when traffic is at its heaviest?

Tuesday February 1st - ANSWER: Salmon - QUESTION: What appeared on the old Irish 10p coin?

Monday January 31st - ANSWER: Pepper - QUESTION: What is the first name of Tony Stark/Iron Man's assistant?

Friday January 28th - ANSWER: Bicycle - QUESTION - What kind of transport is a penny farthing>

Thursday January 27th - ANSWER: Cream - QUESTION: According to the saying, what did the cat get?

Wednesday January 26th - ANSWER: Bank - QUESTION: What do you call the land beside a river?

Tuesday January 25th - ANSWER: Snap - QUESTION: Who appeared alongside Crackle and Pop on a Rice Krispies box?

Monday January 24th - ANSWER: Punch - QUESTION: In the puppet show, who was Judy's husband?

Friday January 21st - ANSWER: Orange - QUESTION: What fruit is used to make marmalade?

Thursday January 18th - ANSWER: Japan - QUESTION: Which country's capital city is Tokyo?

Wednesday January 17th - ANSWER: Port - QUESTION: What is the left side of a ship known as?

Tuesday January 16th - ANSWER: Bread - QUESTION: David Gates was lead singer with which band?

Monday January 15th - ANSWER: Brown - QUESTION: What colour is the live wire in a plug?

Friday January 14th - ANSWER: Argentina - QUESTION: In which country was Pope Francis born?

Thursday January 13th - ANSWER: Time - QUESTION: What does a clock tell?

Wednesday, January 12th - ANSWER: Spring - QUESTION: What is a natural source of water called?

Tuesday, January 11th - ANSWER: Jazz - QUESTION: Who was Will Smith's best friend on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

Monday, January 10th - ANSWER: Hand - QUESTION: A horse's height is measured by what unit?

Friday, January 7th - ANSWER: Twelve - QUESTION: In soccer, how many yards from the goal-line is the penalty spot?

Thursday, January 6th - ANSWER: Wall - QUESTION: What is the surname of brothers Joe and Steve of The Stunning?

Wednesday, January 5th - ANSWER: Hen - QUESTION: What party is thrown for a bride-to-be?

Tuesday, January 4th - ANSWER: Apple - QUESTION: What fruit did Adam and Eve eat?

Wednesday, December 22nd - ANSWER: Holly - QUESTION: Who presents This Morning with Phil?

Tuesday, December 21st - ANSWER: Elf - QUESTION: In which Christmas movie did Will Ferrell play Buddy?

Monday, December 20th - ANSWER: London - QUESTIONS: Where would you find Big Ben?

Friday, December 17th - ANSWER: Jam - QUESTION: When stuck in traffic, you're stuck in a what?

Thursday, December 16th - ANSWER: Galway - QUESTION: Where are the Saw Doctors from?

Wednesday, December 15th - ANSWER: Stroke - QUESTION: What name is given to each swimming discipline?

Tuesday, December 14th - ANSWER: Wheel - QUESTION: What do you hold when steering a car?

Monday, December 13th - ANSWER: Base - QUESTION: What is the bottom doughy layer of a pizza called?

Friday, December 10th - ANSWER: Cracker - QUESTION: In which TV series did Robbie Coltraine star as a detective?

Thursday, December 9th - ANSWER: Plate - QUESTION: What do you "step up to" when about to take on a task?

Wednesday, December 8th - ANSWER: Ace - QUESTION: What was the first name of the Pet Detective played by Jim Carrey?

Tuesday, December 7th - ANSWER: Lords - QUESTION: What is the upper house of the UK Parliament?

Monday, December 6th - ANSWER: Swans - QUESTION: In Irish mythology, what were the Children of Lir turned into?

Friday, December 3rd - ANSWER: Bush - QUESTION: One in the hand is worth two in the...what?

Thursday, December 2nd - ANSWER: Mouse - QUESTION: What do you use to control the cursor on a computer screen?

Wednesday, December 1st - ANSWER: Sugar - QUESTION: A spoonful of what makes the medicine go down?

Tuesday, November 30th - ANSWER: Denmark - QUESTION: In which country was Lego founded?

Monday, November 29th - ANSWER: Apple - QUESTION: What fell on Isaac Newton's head?

Friday, November 26th - ANSWER: Brick - QUESTION: What is former Waterford hurler Michael Walsh known as?

Thursday November 25th - ANSWER: Parnell - QUESTION: Who was known as the uncrowned King of Ireland?

Wednesday November 24th - ANSWER: Love - QUESTION: What did the Beatles say "all you need is"?

Tuesday November 23rd - ANSWER: Doctor - QUESTION: An apple a day keeps who away?

Monday November 22nd - ANSWER: Hot - QUESTION: Complete the title of the film: Some Like It...

Friday November 19th - ANSWER: White - QUESTION: What was Walter's surname in Breaking Bad?

Thursday November 18th - ANSWER: 500 - QUESTION: How many miles did The Proclaimers say they would walk?

Wednesday November 17th - ANSWER: Madonna - QUESTION: Who played Eva Peron in Evita?

Tuesday November 16th - ANSWER: Polo - QUESTION: What team sport is played on horseback using mallets?

Monday November 15th - ANSWER: Seven - QUESTION: How many deadly sins are there?

Friday November 12th - ANSWER: Ash - QUESTION: What Wednesday is the first day of Lent?

Thursday November 11th - ANSWER: 40 - QUESTION: How many consecutive titles have Ballymacarbry ladies football team won?

Wednesday November 10th - ANSWER: Triangle - QUESTION: What 'shape' is the Viking historical trail in Waterford City?

Tuesday November 9th - ANSWER: Penguin - QUESTION: Which Batman villain did Danny DeVito play?

Monday November 8: ANSWER - Nail - QUESTION: What are you said to "hit on the head" when you are correct?

Friday November 5th - ANSWER: Rome - QUESTION: According to the saying, which city "wasn't built in a day"?

Thursday November 4th - ANSWER: Foot - QUESTION: What measurement is 12 inches long?

Wednesday November 3rd - ANSWER: Windows - QUESTION: What does a glazier fit?

Tuesday November 2nd - ANSWER: Stephen Fry - QUESTION: Who was the original presenter of the TV show QI?

Monday November 1st - ANSWER: Lion - QUESTION: In the movie, what kind of animal is Simba?

Friday 29th October - ANSWER: School - QUESTION: What was "around the corner" in the title of the TV show?

Thursday 28th October - ANSWER: Ring - QUESTION: Where does a boxing match take place?

Wednesday 27th October - ANSWER: Television - QUESTION: What did John Logie Baird invent?

Tuesday 26th October - ANSWER: Boots - QUESTION: What is the name of Dora the Explorer's friend?

Friday 22nd October - ANSWER: Michael - QUESTION: What is the first name of the President of Ireland?

Thursday 21st October - ANSWER: Boston - QUESTION: Where was Cheers set?

Wednesday 20th October - ANSWER: Leinster - QUESTION: Which province has the most counties?

Tuesday 19th October - ANSWER: Marathon - QUESTION: In which event did John Treacy win an Olympic silver medal?

Monday 18th October - ANSWER: Heart - QUESTION: What was the tin man looking for in The Wizard of Oz

Friday 15th October - ANSWER: Eleven (11) - QUESTION: What is the name of the character played by Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things?

Thursday 14th October - ANSWER: Ginger - QUESTION: What was Gerry Halliwell's nickname in The Spice Girls?

Wednesday 13th October - ANSWER: Ashton Kutcher - QUESTION: Who is married to Mila Kunis?

Tuesday 12th October - ANSWER: Texas - QUESTION: What is known as The Lone Star state?

Monday 11th October - ANSWER: Fish - QUESTION: What is the symbol for the star sign Pisces?

Friday 8th October - ANSWER: Green - QUESTION: What colour jerseys do Ireland wear in sporting fixtures?

Thursday 7th October - ANSWER: Marley - QUESTION: Who was the first ghost to visit Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

Wednesday 6th October - ANSWER: Wednesday - QUESTION: What is the name of the daughter in The Adams Family?

Tuesday 5th October - ANSWER: New Zealand - QUESTION: What rugby team is known as The All Blacks?

Monday 4th October - ANSWER: Cat - QUESTION: Which animal is said to have nine lives?

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