Alex Gough and Cal Pacino to perform together Saturday

Two Waterford artists are set to preform together this Saturday, October 15th at Electric Avenue.

Alex Gough and Cal Pacino will join forces for a night full of Hip-Hop and musical experiments.

The gig will feature full live sets by each act followed by a late night DJ set from Waterford’s Jabba collective playing the best of Afrobeat, Dancehall, Dub, Funk, Hip-Hop, Latin, Reggae and World Music.

Drummer/Producer/Artist Alex Gough is helping blaze a trail for Irish hip-hop internationally.


He’s racked up millions of streams for his 2019 debut EP, ‘80%’, and earned a high profile play on the BBC adaptation of Sally Rooney’s ‘Normal People’.

There’s a variety within Gough’s productions. Graduating from the sample-heavy sound of 2018’s acclaimed ‘Infomercial Tape’, ‘80%’ featured both brilliantly old school beats on ‘Breakfast’ and jazz-influenced understatement in the shape of ‘Dear SJ’.

If you are striving to survive suburbia; not to be anaesthetised and homogenized by a drab age of sameness, Cal Pacino’s lyrical feast will make a home in you.

Pacino’s undeniable talent transcends time, place, and genre.


With a deep rooting in folk music – Cal takes on the soulful role as poet within the funky-fresh 2022’s kaleidoscope of genres.

Pacino hooks us with expertly produced pop sounds, only to reel us into the real, spitting matters-of-fact and eternal truths.

Flowing effortlessly from soul singing, hinting jazz, and then gliding into raw Irish rapping, he tightropes between transcendent and normal life with the playfulness of a man who knows the craic like his own reflection. Cal has just released his solo album ‘Sowing Seeds’.

Tickets are available now on Universe.

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