Bridgerton's Jamie Beamish: 'I have everyone asking when is the Duke going to visit The Munster Bar?'

Hit period drama Bridgerton has been renewed for seasons three and four.
Work is underway on the second season at the moment.
However, it won't include Rege Jean Page, as the Duke of Hastings and more importantly Waterford's Jamie Beamish.
Speaking to Geoff Harris, Jamie says that the reaction following his role as Nigel Berbrooke in the hit series was unbelievable.
"You're watching people going to balls, and people having the craic together in these big social situations- at a time where nobody can have a social situation.
"Then you have all the dresses, and of course, there's the Duke... Rege Jean Page.

"Everybody is mad about him and I have everyone asking 'When is he going to visit The Munster Bar," he laughed.

While the country and the world watch Beamish in the Netflixย series, he said he watched the success unfold in his Waterford city bedroom.
"I'm doing all of these interviews for TV and all of this kind of things and they're all from my bedroom in Congress Place - it's absolutely amazing and the way it took off and people took to it.
"Some people recognised me and some people didn't and it was so funny seeing parts of this country realising I'm Irish because I'm very English in it," Beamish said.
Jamieย Beamish also spoke to Geoff about his play Ghosting which streams from the Theatre Royal this Thursday. The play will be brought to the people of Waterford by Jamie and Anne Oโ€™Riordan (Call the Midwife, The Clinic) at 8pm on Saturday, 24th, April.


Set predominantly in Waterford, this one-woman show starring Anne in the role of Sรญ was originally previewed in London before selling out at Theatre Royal in August 2019, to fantastic local reviews.
You can hear more from Jamie Beamish on this evening's On the Fringe with Geoff Harris, after the 6 o'clock news.