Nostalgia! Have a look at old videos of "[email protected]"

What was [email protected]?

[email protected] was the first local TV station in Ireland. Founded and produced by WLR, it broadcast for over five years. For those five years if it happened in Waterford - Waterford At 8 was there, covering everything from sport to theatre, and lifestyle features to social events.

Many of WLR's presenters at the time did regular features - including sport with Ray Scott, and Eddie Wymberry’s nostalgic visits to various different places in Waterford City and County. It gave a platform to showcase local community groups, sports teams and businesses in a new way that had never been seen before. Long before there was social media in Waterford, there was Waterford At 8.

When did it [email protected] air?

New episodes aired every Thursday night at 8pm on local TV providers Cablelink.

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We want to share some memories with you from those great days. For all our videos check out our "[email protected]" playlist on the WLR Facebook page.


Here's our latest:

December 2001Β  - The annual concert of Christmas music in aid of the Lions Club Christmas Appeal. That year, a choir travelled over from the USA to take part. In this clip you'll see Liam Walsh in conversation with Gabrielle Cummins.