Penneys to step away from fast fashion with new range

It's become as much a part of Irish life as Taytos andΒ The Late Late Show but now Penneys is taking a new direction with its latest offerings.Β  According to Primark, the high street fashion chain is bringing out the "Primark Edit" range for Autumn / Winter 2021.

A commitment to change..

While its affordable stock has made it a favourite among shoppers, Penneys has been criticised for promoting fast fashion. Earlier this month the retailer made a 'sustainability pledge' and committed to sourcing its materials more responsibly.Β  The company has also said it would aim for a living wage for workers in the supply chain.

What's in the Primark Edit range?

There are 80 pieces in the new collection, with the idea that the items have a timeless quality. Primark has described its new offering as 'affordable investment pieces.' Included in the range is a wool blend coat for €60 and cashmere blended jumpers for €22.Β  Penneys says the range didn't come from scratch. In fact, the clue is in the word 'edit'. The retailer said it carefully selelcted items from the season and pulled them together for the collection.


The Primark Edit range. (Photo: Primark)

The Primark Edit range is being launch globally and will go on sale across its almost 400 stores in 14 countries. Europe and North America are included in the launch plans.