School kids in UK warned not to copy scenes in "Squid Game"

Why do schools feelΒ Squid Game could cause risk?

Schools in Wales have been asking parents to make sure their children don't copy scenes in the hit South Korean show.

It's after students have started asking teachers to stage contests they've seen on Netflix's most watched series in 90 countries.

The name Squid GameΒ comes from Korean schoolyards where children run towards a finish line if they hear "Green Light" called, and freeze if "Red Light" is shouted. Any players caught moving are eliminated. It could be compared to games such as "What time is it Mr Wolf?" on this side of the world.

But, in the Netflix show, players who are caught moving are shot dead.

The origin ofΒ Squid Game


Squid Game was originally scripted in 2008 but the creator Hwang struggled to find production support until Netflix took interest in recent years. It's centred on a contest where hundreds of players, from different walks of life but each deeply in debt play a set of children's games. They're in with the chance of a massive monetary prize but there are deadly penalties for losing.

Hwang based the idea on his own economic struggles early in life. The show is also a reflection of the class disparity in South Korea. He wrote and directed all nine episodes himself.