Waterford's Jamie Beamish makes a return to "Derry Girls"

Waterford actor Jamie Beamish returned to Derry Girls last night, having played Ciarán in Season 1 and 2.

His character appeared for the first time in Season 3, in the fifth episode of the hit Channel 4 show.

In this episode, no stone is left unturned as Ma Mary and Aunt Sarah prepare for the highly anticipated Class of '77 School Reunion.

It seems like only yesterday that their own Wee Gang were beyond excited about the leavers' party.


Ciarán, who worked in the camera shop in the earlier seasons, attended the reunion, and Jamie Beamish took to Twitter to celebrate:

About Jamie Beamish


The London-based Waterford native has enjoyed a wide-ranging career in theatre, TV and film.

Some of his highlights in recent years include the role of the dastardly Nigel Berbrook in Season 1 of Netflix sensation Bridgerton, Ciarán in Derry Girls and Brian Welsh in 2019 film Extra Ordinary. 

Beamish is also a prolific theatre actor and has regularly come home to Waterford for shows. Last summer he became the first ever Artist in Residence at Theatre Royal. More here.