Conditions at UHW compared to third world country by local TD

Conditions at University Hospital Waterford have been linked to a third-world country by a local TD.

Matt Shanahan spoke about his first-hand experiences at the hospital in the Dail this week, and outlined the strain placed on UHW since the fire at Wexford General.

He referenced the experience of a 78-year-old Dungarvan woman who waited over 24 hours on a chair.

"We have heard about this issue," speaking to WLR, "one that I spoke about, and Deputy Culluinane. The Dungarvan lady who was left 24 hours with heart failure sitting on a chair.


"I spoke of my own experience being in the circumstance as I call it. At the end of April, zero degrees outside, and they started handing out sandwiches, blankets, and hot soup. That is not how first-world countries should behave.

"My real exasperation came because I asked a number of parliamentary questions, which I got the answer back to this week regarding specific capital allocation projects for UHW. All four have been refused.

"They are not going ahead for various different reasons. When government wants to move, they move and when they don't, they don't. In this case, they are not going to allow this hospital to expand significantly because their interest lies in Dublin and Cork.

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