Officials and agencies to avoid charges in 'Grace' case

The Director of Public Prosecutions will not be pressing ahead with charges against those responsible for the care of 'Grace'.

The disabled woman known as Grace was placed in a foster home for 20 years in the south-east, even though there were allegations of sexual abuse there.

A Commission of Investigation into 'Grace' foster abuse case in 2021, found the intellectually disabled woman was placed in the care of foster parents, despite them both having criminal convictions.

Grace was neglected to a point where she suffered repeated injuries to her body, required 'significant dental work' and instances of inappropriate stripping went unreported.


The Garda investigation into the matter began four years ago following a tip-off from a whistleblower, however the DPP will not be pressing charges against those responsible for decisions relating to her care.

According to the Sunday Independent newspaper, Gardai made recommendations that prosecutions be brought forward in relation to negligence and endangerment - but the DPP have directed no prosecution, and no one will face criminal sanction.

The two remaining reports into the care of 'Grace' and 46 others under the Farrelly Commission of Investigation are set to be published in the coming weeks by the Department of Health.

A decision was reached in 1996 to remove Grace from her foster home on account of the sexual abuse concerns - but the health board committee then moved to overturn that decision and as a result, she remained in the foster home for a further thirteen years.


Grace was awarded a settlement of €6.3m in 2017 as a result of her treatment in State care.

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