House in Waterford struck by lightning overnight

A house in Waterford City was struck by lightning overnight.

It happened at a house in Farmleigh, on the Dunmore Road.

A thunder and lightning storm took place over the city for a short time at around 10 o'clock.

Videos show damage done to the house that was hit, including debris from the roof and chimney.


Emergency services were called to the scene but it's understood nobody was injured.

Barbara lives across the road from the house that was hit.

"It could have been about 9.30 or 10pm," she told WLR News this morning, "we were in the sitting room in the front of the house and there was a massive bang and flash of lightning.

"Then we came out the door and realised that the house across the road had been hit.


"Oh my God, it was just... I thought the lightpost outside our house was after being hit because the flash was so bright. It was unreal."

The area around the house this morning is cordoned off and Barbara says the scene was one of complete destruction last night:

"There was just rubble and debris all over the road and some of the chimney was missing, along with the roof and guttering.

"All the neighbours came out and, in fairness, most of them swept the debris off the road and just moved it all in off the road because it was all over the place."

The flash from the lightning strike was seen in most houses in the area, while the bang as it struck the house was audible from quite a distance.

"You hear about it on the news but you never think it's going to happen two doors away from you," Barbara continued.

"The fire brigade turned up, along with the gas and ESB. They were all here making sure everything was secure.

"Very frightening."


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