New pedestrian bridge in Waterford to be tolled

**April Fools**

The long-awaited pedestrian bridge, which is being constructed as part of the North Quays development, is to be tolled, it has been confirmed.

The 207m long pedestrian, cycle and public transport bridge across the River Suir involves the creation of a plaza on the south side of the river to connect the new bridge to the existing city centre.

Work has started on the South Quays to accommodate the new structure, however it has now been announced that in order to meet the cost of building the bridge a charge of €1 will be imposed on pedestrians, with cyclists charged €3. Children under the age of 12 will go free.


The move is akin to the tolling of the Halfpenny Bridge in Dublin in the 1800s, when pedestrians were charged a half penny to cross the bridge, a charge which replaced the ferry charge that had existed previously.

Local Councillor John Power says he agrees with the new toll and is confident that local people will play their part by contributing towards the cost of the new amenity.

"There will be a standard charge, with tickets available from The Centra on the Quay, however a donation box will also be included if people want to donate more. There was thought given to charging people by weight to cross the bridge but this was shot down at council level" said Mr Power.

Mr Power went on to say that depending on how successful this scheme is, there may be plans to toll the Greenway when the New Ross extension is opened.


"Wexford people have loads of money, (but not too many All Irelands)" said Mr Power, "So this should be no problem for them."

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