Proposals for Waterford to Mallow Greenway revealed

Proposals for Waterford to Mallow Greenway revealed

Waterford and Cork Councillors were last week briefed on proposals for the Dungarvan to Mallow Greenway.

Atkins, the design team tasked with carrying out a feasibility study on the project, outlined initial plans for the 74km route.

The proposal must yet go through many stages of consultation and engagement - but initial plans were outlined last week by Atkins Consultants.

A preferred route has been identified. Garvan Cummins of the 'Deise Greenway' voluntary community campaign believes there's huge potential.


He says: "Atkins Consultants invited submissions from the public. They got about 800 submissions of what people thought the Greenway should be should it go ahead and what considerations should be made. They also met the Irish Farmers Association and what they are doing now is establishing a preferred route."

Garvan Cummins beside the Moresby Buoy in Abbeyside.

The Dungarvan to Mallow Greenway is a proposed approximately 74-kilometre-long walking and cycling path that would connect Dungarvan in County Waterford to Mallow in County Cork. It is anticipated that the Greenway will generally follow the route of the abandoned rail line between Dungarvan and Mallow.


A feasibility study to extend the Waterford Greenway into Mallow via Fermoy was approved in 2021  by Waterford City & County Council.

A Section 85 agreement was made by councillors to enter into a partnership with Cork County Council, who took take the lead role in assessing the viability of the project.

Garvan Cummins says there is huge potential in the project with the existing Waterford Greenway a prime example of how successful these projects can be.

He added: "Every day you hear people from rural areas complaining that rural Ireland is forgotten by central government.

"Now we have government and councillors prepared to invest hundreds of millions of euros into the small communities of rural Ireland.

"It should be grabbed with both hands as it has been proven that Greenways are a cash crop for rural and farming areas.

"I remember someone once referring to 'a parade of hungry tourists needing to be fed and to get a bed for the night and partake in activities within a small community'.

"It is just like in farming terms, a cash crop to have a Greenway."

According to Waterford Council, the path will follow the now abandoned Dungarvan to Mallow railway. The Greenway will integrate with and enhance the existing natural and built features of the region to support the economic development of communities and the health of citizens in County Waterford and County Cork.

"Health, leisure, economics, lower carbon print, preservation of the old railway line, the feel-good factor. That will be replicated from Dungarvan now to Mallow," says Garvan.

He added: "The smaller places along the way and the larger locations, be it Lismore, Cappoquin, Ballyduff, Clondulane, Mallow, Glencairn, Fermoy, they must be looking at places like Dungarvan and Kilmacthomas and wanting what they have. It will be an asset to both counties."

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