Protests continue in Piltown against erection of telecommunications pole

Protests are continuing in Piltown against the erection of a telecommunications mast.

The original demonstration commenced on March 13th, when parents of children at the local national school gathered with signs and placards.

The driving factor behind the protests is the transmission of 5G technology, as locals believe it can have negative effects on the health of those around the mast.

It is now understood by WLR News that the mast might not be transmitting 5G, however, speaking to WLR, councillor Pat Dunphy says concerns remain.


"People are concerned about their health. It is close enough to the school and residential areas. Nobody knew anything about it".

The pole is located 2oom from the local school.

Councillor Dunphy continued:" [To erect the mast] they have to renew a particular type of license each year.

"Last November they renewed the license and started work a couple of weeks ago.


"The one thing people can do is to appeal to An Board Pleanala.

"You can appeal these licences to ABP as they applied under Section 254 in which you do not have to go public when renewing the license.

"Appeals can still be submitted even after works have been completed."

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