Solar farm may impact Waterford landscape

A planned 500-acre solar farm in Clonea may hamper local development.

Resident Tom Coughlan raised the issue at a meeting that took place last night in the region to discuss the proposed changes it would bring to the area.

Speaking on DΓ©ise Today, Tom says he believes there are no benefits for the locality.

"There's not going to be any subsidy on local electricity.


"No jobs will be created and there really is no bonus for the area.

"The community will be left with a 500-acre industrial site that will completely hamper the development of Clonea and Rathgormack.

"I don't know who is going to want to build a house or set down routes in Clonea if this were to happen.

The application for planning permission was lodged with Waterford Council by BNRG for the proposed development.


Tom continues to say Clonea is not the best place for a solar farm.

"The problem with it is that the side is elevated at 400 feet.

"Clonea Power is actually kind of a valley.

"The solar farm is going along one edge of the ridge of the valley.

"You can clearly see it from the other ridges of the valley from Rathgormick and undoubtedly from the Comeragh mountains."

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