Toy Show: Waterford's Saoibh Lonergan lights up the screen

Waterford's Saoibh Lonergan was one of the stars of last night's Late Late Toy Show.

With an electrifying personality and a charm and wit beyond her years, the 10-year-old Tramore girl simultaneously warmed hearts and cracked the audience up.

She appeared on stage in her back brace, which she told host, Ryan Tubridy, she had to wear following 'a big operation'; the brace is to help her keep her back straight.

Saoibh had spent a bit of time in Temple Street Children's Hospital, needing surgery to have a tumour removed from her spinal canal.


The girl spoke lovingly about the friends she had made there, both in terms of other children and the staff.

However, she revealed there were quite 'a few pranksters' among the lovely doctors and nurses and at one stage a nurse called Cora (whose second name Saoibh suggested could be 'Troublemaker') had to be sprayed with a water gun as punishment for sticking her tongue out!

The 10-year-old then proved that humour and divilment aren't her only gifts, but she is also musically talented.

She gave a wonderful performance of 'Raining Rainbows' - a song she had written herself in honour of all those on St Gabriel's Ward in Temple Street.


As if that wasn't heartwarming enough, it was after this performance that one of the most special moments of the evening occurred.

Saoibh was reunited with two of her best friends from hospital and all three were given a very special gift, courtesy of Aer Lingus.

She couldn't contain her excitement as Jack and Ellie-Mae joined her on stage, giving Ellie-Mae a big hug and asking with giddiness, "Did you not think about telling me this?!"

Jack, Ellie-Mae and Saoibh all shared a room in Temple Street and what a coincidence that was as young Jack Dwane is also from Waterford!

6-year-old Jack had Sagital Craniosynostosis, which meant he had to have surgery on his skull.

However, he is now well on the road to recovery.

The Abbeyside chap was quick to agree with his former roomies when they said their favourite time together was when they were eating McDonald's and donuts.

"I love donuts!" Jack said, making sure there was no doubt about it but that his favourite flavour is chocolate.

And the trio's reaction to the news that the three of them and their families would be going to Disneyland Paris for five nights, was no less entertaining!

Saoibh was completely taken aback and could do little more than stare in amazement.

After all that Saoibh and her family have gone through this year, it was a gorgeous moment to witness and one that they surely will not forget for many years to come.

Jack Dwane's family have also organised a fundraising walk for Temple Street Children's Hospital along the Waterford Greenway on December 30th and would appreciate any and all support they can get.

You can still donate to the Late Late Toy Show appeal by clicking here.

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