Waterford financial advisor questions pension changes

Changes to the state pension, which are due to be introduced from 2024, are not as straight forward as they seem.

That's according to Martin Quinn Director of Fitzgerald Life and Pensions.

Yesterday the Minister for Social Protection announced that people will still be able to retire at 66 - but will get an increased payment for every extra year they work up to age 70.

However Martin told Déise Today that there is a catch to deferring you pension.


He said if you work to 67, you will get the enhanced payment of €266, but you will have sacrificed the previous years pension which amounts to €13,156.

Here's the catch; by the time you get that much back from the enhanced pension, 19 years will have passed.

Martin is questioning the objective behind the government's decision.

"They seem to have tried to turn the slant and gone down the road of saying people want to work longer. Some people do, some people are being forced to work longer and for thes people who are being forced to work longer, pushing the state pension further down the road is not going to help that," he said.


Martin believes that rather just focusing on pensions, health care for an aging population and housing for the younger generation should be looked at in tandem.

He says that rather than encouraging young people to contribute to their pensions, the government should be ensuring that they can afford to.

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