"I am and remain the proud owner of Waterford FC"

It was reported earlier today that Waterford FC's owner Richard Forrest intended to sell the club for a price tag of €1.3 million.

The 42 reported that based on a document from "respected England-based sports advisory firm Oakwell" the club was available for purchase,  with several of the club's offerings listed including its academy, the contracted players, the use of the RSC and more.

Since then, Forrest has moved to stop the speculation that he is selling, saying that the Oakwell document was merely a "Board decision to illicit a commercial assessment of the club's market value and current assessment of market interest."

Forrest also reassures fans that he is focused on the next steps for the club and he remains very much the owner.


That next step will be the first game in charge for new manager Danny Searle with Bray coming to the RSC. It will have been a month since their 4-0 win over Bray at the same venue.