Listen back: Always a mixed bag for Twitter Thursday with Sean Defoe.

Listen back: Always a mixed bag for Twitter Thursday with Sean Defoe.

Waterford native Sean Defoe joins Ollie and Dymphna on "The Big Breakfast Blaa" every Thursday to take a look at what's been trending online.

This week he talks Jason Derulo, curvy mermaids and the meeting of Bruce Springsteen and Shane MacGowan.

 Jason Derulo.

There have been rumours and jokes circulating on social media about Jason Derulo supposedly falling down the stairs at this year's Met Gala. However, Jason confirmed that these rumours are false and has never attended the Met Gala in the past. That hasn't stopped people believing it.

Curvy mermaids.

A rather voluptuous mermaid sculpture called 'Il Mare' ('The Sea') was installed in the small fishing town of Monopoli in Italy’s Puglia region, and it has been making waves for being “too provocative”.


The artwork sits in the Piazza Rita Levi-Montalcini - a Square named after the 1986 Nobel prize-winning Italian scientist honoured for her work in neurobiology and the discovery of the nerve growth factor.

The curvy sculpture was created by students from the Luigi Rosso art school in Monopoli. Since its installation, it has been ridiculed on social media.

Meeting of two worlds.

Bruce Springsteen delighted Shane MacGowan with a visit to his Dublin home.

Bruce was seen beaming at The Pogues hitmaker  while looming over him in an image shared by the latter's wife Victoria Mary Clarke on twitter.


Taking to the site, Victoria delightedly penned: 'What an amazing honour and a beautiful experience to get a visit from The Boss!!! Such a truly wonderful man and a total genius!', while Shane shared the image and simply wrote 'The Boss'.

Have a listen below and see what you think of these stories....

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