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White House visit.

Sean gives us an inside track on his White House visit, which makes for interesting listening. Sean was in Washington covering the Taoiseach's recent Saint Patrick's day visit.

Splitting hairs.


Locks of Ludwig van Beethoven's hair have been used to help uncover information about the German composer's health. Beethoven, who died in 1827, notably had many health problems and wanted his favorite physician, Dr. Johann Adam Schmidt, to give the public information on the disorder that caused his hearing loss.

Schmidt ended up dying 18 years before Beethoven. But nearly two centuries later, researchers were able to study the composer's health, and published their peer-reviewed study.

Scientists were able to obtain eight locks that were believed to be the musician's hair through private collections. DNA analysis determined five of the locks belonged to a single European male that they say was Beethoven.

They then attempted a genomic analysis to determine what caused the health issues that plagued his life and career – including a hearing loss and gastrointestinal problems.


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