13-year-old Kilmeaden boy settles High Court action against HSE for €7million

13-year-old Kilmeaden boy settles High Court action against HSE for €7million

A 13-year-old Kilmeaden boy who, through his mother, sued the HSE for the circumstances of his birth, has settled his High Court action for €7 million.

Darragh Dooley cannot walk or talk, has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and a visual impairment, among other serious medical issues.

According to The Irish Times, the boy's counsel told the court that Darragh's mother, Louise, should have had a mandated repeat glucose test at 32 weeks when she was pregnant, which would have shown gestational diabetes.

A previous glucose test had not shown any signs.


He argued that if this had been diagnosed, there were various therapies which could have been availed of.

It was also argued that the birth of the baby should have been expedited.

When he was born at UHW, on the 24th of October, 2009, Darragh was in very poor condition and had to be resuscitated.

His mother said he requires round-the-clock care day and night with only four hours a week of nursing support from the HSE.

She added that there is "no amount of money that will compensate Darragh for the loss of the life he should have had."

The settlement is without admission of liability and all of the claims in the case are denied.

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