Coming up on The Hot Desk: Women in Tech, the four-day week, and Climate Tech.

Coming up The Hot Desk this evening from 6.10pm:

Climate Technology

Irish-owned climate technology company ActionZero has announced a new partnership with Dunbia, a division of Dawn Meats, to help eliminate fossil fuel use at the company’s processing facility in Llanybydder, Wales. Mary will speak to CEO of Action Zero, Denis Collins. 

The four-day week

She will also be joined in studio by Jill Hincks and Louise Hayes of Waterford company Passion for Creative, to discuss how they have been successfully operating a four day week, and why they think other companies should consider it. 

Women in Tech

And the third Women in Technology event will take place on Thursday at the SETU Arena, to showcase career opportunities for girls in the tech industry. Ruth Barry, a lecturer in Information Systems at SETU, will join Mary to explain the significance of the event. 
All coming up, on The Hot Desk, after Waterford at 6.
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