Waterford councillor says rural land could ease housing crisis

Waterford councillor says rural land could ease housing crisis

Property owners in rural areas may be able to qualify for singular social housing units.

Councillor Conor McGuinness questioned the application process for social housing at the most recent Plenary Council meeting.

Applicants with private land in rural Ireland can hand it over to the council, with a house being provided in return.

He said, "In relation to housing and single rural housing, this is an option that is listed on the common social housing application form that is common to all local authorities in the state.


"It is an option where people would qualify for the income thresholds for social housing, but who may have the ability to provide a site, or maybe they have some land in their own ownership, that perhaps a family member might have, and they would be considered for social housing on that site, and that the site would be gifted to the local authority in perpetuity."

The cessation of their tenancy would revert to the local authority is that something that Waterford City and County Council would consider on a case-by-case basis? It's something that could suit a small number of potential tenants, but it could go a long way in addressing some of the more specific needs in rural areas and it's something I know the department continues to fund, following parliamentary questions."

Council Response

Director of services for housing with the council, Ivan Grimes, says it's been a while since these applications have been received.

"It's not something that we have received applications for in a good number of years. I am aware of some similar arrangements going back many years on the old County Council.


"If the department is prepared to fund it, in principle we would, but we need to look closely at how the scheme would operate, particularly around the title because there could be the potential for some confusion, but in principle, we would be prepared to look at it if somebody applied for it."

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