Clean And Go Green

Clean And Go Green

Clean And Go Green

Get ready for the upcoming back-to-school season! As September approaches, our local flora change and bloom. Including ground-ivy and wild angelica, alongside an abundance of blackberries and fungi. It's a great time to clean and go green, Enerpower's new eco-friendly campaign.

To maintain the beauty of Déise and ensure its preservation for generations to come, let us all do our part in keeping it clean and green. Read the tips below to find out how we can preserve our waterways, mountains and beaches. We are asking WLR listeners to leave no trace. The Clean and Go Green initiative is supported by Enerpower.

Enerpower is Ireland’s largest leading renewable energy company, providing renewable energy to businesses. Enerpower is on a mission to help Waterford businesses become more environmentally friendly and clean up Waterford. Adopting sustainable practices is not only good for the environment, but also very beneficial for a business’s bottom line. By minimizing waste generation, using renewable energy, and reducing reliance on costly waste disposal services, businesses can achieve significant cost savings. Get in touch with Enerpower’s experienced team today to book your renewable energy audit and discuss the renewable energy solutions that could benefit your business.

Tips to Clean And Go Green

When blackberry picking

When enjoying activities like blackberry picking, let's remember to leave some berries for our bird and insect friends. Make sure to not damage hedgerows, by avoiding leaning or cutting down branches or bushes. Please remember to refrain from touching or disrupting any habitats, that you encounter. eg. Bird nests, burrows etc.

Keep waste to a minimum


When out and about, bring home your rubbish including biodegradable food scraps. eg. banana peels, can often take longer to biodegrade than you would think.

When near waterways

Rivers, lakes and beaches make up major arteries of life for court local plants and animals. Please keep our water clean, by picking up litter and throwing it away, before it ends up in the water.

Tips for businesses

Lead by Example

By adopting responsible eco-friendly practices, it encourages employees and customers to do the same. Contrary to popular belief, being kinder to the planet helps your business. Many successful companies have sustainability as their unique selling point that helps them stand out. 

Get Social

Have you thought of organising a staff beach clean-up or a forest walk with a litter pick-up as a team bonding exercise? Not only will it improve worker well-being by providing outdoor time, but it will also benefit the environment.

Sharing is caring


Creating an environment of sharing can reduce double up on both equipment and time. Encourage employees to carpool, and share resources and ideas. You can often find efficiency and community in sharing.

Install only energy-efficient light bulbs

Consider investing in CFL, LED light bulbs, and halogens for significant long-term energy savings. CFL and other energy-efficient bulbs use up to 75% less energy.

Run an energy audit

Enerpower’s experienced team carry out renewable energy audits to discuss the renewable energy solutions that could benefit your business. Book your audit here.

Consider installing renewables

Solar and wind energy, can improve air quality, and public health, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Enerpower’s team can help you begin your sustainable energy journey.

Bike-to-work scheme

Do most of your employees drive? Try to encourage cycling by creating a bike-to-work scheme.

Print only what is necessary

Only print documents that have a future, if printing is necessary try double-sided printing to save paper.

Buy used furniture

When furnishing your business, consider buying quality used furniture and equipment. It enables you to save big without impeding the overall operations of your business. Better quality furniture and equipment are often easier to repair. If your business is direct to consumers, think of how you can curate a beautiful experience for customers, using second-hand items.

Recycle and reuse

Identify recycling and reusing options in your company. Commit to a recycling program, develop a plan, assemble a team, and launch the program. Consider if you can reuse some of your waste in innovative ways. eg, using shredded paper to pack items for shipping.

Consider your product

Does your business sell products with single-use packaging, could you craft a circular economy option? eg. a bottle return scheme or a discount when people bring their containers.

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