Classic video game could become reality!

If you remember playing the game Wipeout back in the day on the Sony Playstation, then you might be excited to hear a real-life version of the game has moved a step closer!

French company MACA this week unveiled details of an eco-friendly hydrogen-powered 'carcopter' which is set to be tested on racetracks later in the year.

The vehicle - which goes by the name S11 - will have a top speed of around 250kmph, and is powereed by six 35kW electric engines.


If the sport does take off (pun intended) it will be well ahead of the the predicted 2052 setting of the game Wipeout which launched in 1995.

If you want to have a closer look at the S11, you can take a virtual 360 tour on your phone by visiting the MACA website.