Listen back: Always a mixed bag for Twitter Thursday with Sean Defoe.

Listen back: Always a mixed bag for Twitter Thursday with Sean Defoe.

Waterford native Sean Defoe joins Ollie on "The Spin Home" every Thursday to take a look at what's been trending online.

This week he talks never ending flights and "You've been framed".

The Flight That Never Ends.

Imagine getting on a 16-hour flight that ends in the exact same place it began. That's what happened recently to the unlucky passengers of Air New Zealand Flight NZ2.

The plane left from Auckland and should have arrived at New York's JFK International Airport Terminal One. Unfortunately, an electrical fire in the terminal caused a power outage, shutting it down and affecting more than 130 flights.


So halfway into its nearly 9,000-mile journey, Flight NZ2 had to make a U-turn back to Auckland.

What a nightmare. A 16-hour flight is bad enough, but at least you get somewhere, right? The airline is rebooking those unlucky passengers, so here's hoping their next long flight actually ends up in New York City. Wouldn't do much for your fear of flying.


You've been framed.

"You've been framed " has reportedly been axed after 33 years on air. The long-running show, which compiled home videos of accidents and funny moments, was launched in 1990. Jeremy Beadle was the original narrator. Most recently, comedian Harry Hill was serving as presenter, fronting 341 of 701 episodes. Where will you send your VHS tapes now i ask !!!

Have a listen below and see what you think of all this....

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