Listen Back: Ollie's Strange News From Around The World.

Around the world we go to take a look at some of the stranger news stories making the news this week.

Have a listen below and see what you think about all of these goings on...

This week's Strange News Menu.....

Camel Walkabout.


Three camels go in search of wise men !!!!!

When the man known as "father of genetics" turns 200, how do you celebrate?

By digging up his body and sequencing his DNA, of course.

Back to the future.

What did people think 100 years ago that 2023 would look like.

Sure you can't be doing that...

A man and a woman in their early 20's were arrested in Poinciana in central Flordia after one of them called 911 to request help moving things from a home where they were in the middle of a burglary.

A story with a bushy tail.


Guess who came in from the cold during the recent arctic spell in the states.