Netflix announces release date for "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" with Moe Dunford

Netflix has announced February 18th as the release date for the reboot of the classic horror The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which will star Dungarvan's Moe Dunford.

It was confirmed earlier this year that streaming giant secured the global rights from Legendary Pictures to the bring us the latest version of film.

What's "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" about

It's a 1974 American slasher film about a group of friends who fall victim to a family of cannibals while on their way to visit an old homestead (owned by the notorious Leatherface). While largely fictional, the horror was sold as being based on true events, to garner further attention at the box office.

What do we know the Netflix version with Moe Dunford?

It's directed by David Blue Garcia and was filmed last year in Bulgaria. It takes place years after the shocking events of the original and Leatherface hasn't been seen or heard of since. Dungarvan's Moe Dunford will star alongside Elsie Fisher (Eighth Grade)ย Sarah Yarkin (Happy Death Day 2U), and Jacob Latimore (The Maze Runner).

A great few years for Moe..


Nominated for a number of IFTAs, the actor has shone in some highly acclaimed films includingย The Dig, Rosie, and Black 47.ย He also turned heads in TV crime thrillerย Dublin Murders, for which he was also given the nod. This year, he was again nominated for an IFTA for his role in the boxing movieย Knuckledust.

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