Waterford woman whistled and wooed on First Dates Ireland

A Waterford woman who whistled her way through an episode of RTE's First Dates Ireland may have secured herself a second date.

43 year-old Jennifer went on a date with 46 year-old teacher Barry at the Gibson Hotel in Dublin.

The two connected over their unique fashion sense, luckily for Jennifer as she highlighted that Barry most-definitely was her type.

Speaking to the barman, Neil, before the date, Jennifer said she tends to go for people who look like have a "Jesus Christ look."


On the topic of types, Jennifer knows she is not for everyone, but she is perfectly okay with that!

"I’d prefer to be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea," she said.

Barry did seem to be Jennifer's cup of tea though, describing himself as "vampire substitute teacher, Victorian magician."

The two shared a love of Spanish and since Jennifer had been teaching in Spain for many years so the two had a small conversation en Español.


They also share a passion for books, and coincidentally, as Jennifer was speaking about the book she was reading, 'The Gulag Archipelago,' Barry happened to pull the same one out of his bag.

The two had been getting on so well, Jennifer even showed Barry her special skill - whistling like a bird.

At the end of the date, both said they would like to see each other again, meaning a second date could be on the cards.

New episodes of ‘First Dates Ireland’ air at 9.30pm on Thursday nights on RTÉ 2 and RTÉ Player.

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