Ambulance wait times in Waterford fifth highest in the country

Ambulance wait times in Waterford fifth highest in the country

49 people had to wait longer than one hour for an ambulance to arrive between July and December 2023.

That's according to newly released figures from the National Ambulance Service under the Freedom of Information Act, as reported by The Irish Mail on Sunday.

Waiting times in Cork are the longest in the country, with 118 people waiting for more than an hour.

Meanwhile in Wexford, figures sat at 96 people.


Despite the long waits, the National Ambulance Service say they had been close to their response times for 'Purple' and 'Red' calls.

These colour-coded calls indicate potential life-threatening illness or injury, cardiac or respiratory arrest.

In cases of 'Purple' calls, the National Ambulance Service stood at 67%, 8% below the standard set of 75%.

Meanwhile, for 'Red' calls, the target response is within 19 minutes in 45% of cases. In the case of July-December, the response sat at 40% of cases within 19 minutes.


Nationally, 864 calls were not responded to within an hour.

In response to the figures, the National Ambulance Service said some calls may have initially been a lower priority call-out, elevated to higher priority as the patient's symptoms worsened.

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