Hospital patients now being charged for disabled parking

Concerns have been raised surrounding the number of disabled parking spaces at University Hospital Waterford.

The issue has been highlighted by Sinn Fein Councillor, Pat Fitzgerald.

He told Deise Today that disabled patients are now paying four euro a day for services which were once free.

Cllr. Fitzgerald says more spaces need to come on stream.


"The spaces that are there are almost always full", he said. "For any disabled people, they must go around the corner then in front of the Dunmore wing. There are more disabled parking spaces there, but up to recently - those spaces were free."

The disabled parking spaces at University Hospital Waterford, which were once free, are now coming at a cost.

There are six disabled spaces at the front of the hospital. He explained how the current situation has come about.

"There was a change of management of the car park and the signs went up to say that all must pay the tariff on the car park now, which is €4."


Asking disabled patients to pay for parking at University Hospital Waterford is unfair and an unnecessary expense, says Cllr. Fitzgerald.

"It is very unfair, because quite a lot of people with disability stickers are attending hospital on a regular basis. It's like an extra tax on them, and while some of them might be affluent, their income is generally lower and it's quite a big ask on some people considering where they are coming from."