Dunmore East designated as landing port for UK vessels

Dunmore East designated as landing port for UK vessels

Dunmore East has been redesignated as a Fisheries Landing Port for UK and Northern Irish fishing vessels.

Marine Minister Charlie McConalogue signed the Statutory Instrument allowing the vessels to land in the county Waterford village.

Previous incident

On Friday, March 3rd, a UK-registered boat requested permission from the Irish authorities to enter the local harbour after suffering a mechanical problem.

However, the captain received a reply instructing them to go to Howth instead.


Despite this, the vessel entered Dunmore East, which they were much closer to, and subsequently got into trouble with the Irish authorities for doing so.

After the incident, councillor Pat Fitzgerald says Dunmore was overlooked.

"Since Brexit, we've had ports designated in the Republic of Ireland. We've had Castletownbere designated, we've had Howth designated, and we've had Ros an Mhíl designated.

"Dingle and Dunmore East were overlooked. This has been causing problems for Dunmore East and for seafarers operating off our coast, especially British seafarers."


Councillor Fitzgerald raised the issue with his Sinn Féin party leaders, who tabled a parliamentary question on the matter to the Minister with responsibility for the marine, Charlie McConalogue.

June 2023

Fast forward to June 2023, and Dunmore has been designated as a Landing Port for UK and Northern Ireland Fishing vessels.

Councillor Pat Fitzgerald welcomed the decision saying, "It will increase the landings in the port. When there is European money given out for port improvements, they always go on the number of landings that a port has over the course of years.

"That would be taken into consideration when the EU decides where grand aid should go."

He continued, "Practically, it will mean that the Northern Irish vessels fishing off the southeast coast will be fishing mostly in British waters.

"We did share the waters up to Brexit, but now they will be able to land in Dunmore East. Any vessel that lands in Dunmore East brings a certain amount of business.

"These vessels won't put any stress on the port because generally, they land at night. They would come to Dunmore, discharge, and stock up on Oil, Ice, Boxes, and Food. They are gone again before dawn so people won't notice these vessels coming and going."

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